About Nicole Koch


Nicole Koch is a facilitator, life coach and counsellor and founder of Mandala Mind. She is offering online and in person seminars and sessions, and her work integrates mindfulness, inquiry and various wisdom teachings with her background in Counselling and Coaching. Her writings can be found on the blog Mandala Mind.

You can learn more about Nicole at the Mandala Mind Blog or contact her by e-mail.



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3-Month Program

Life Balance Through The 5 Elements And Wisdoms on September 12, 2017.

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Integrating the best of modern psychology, wisdom traditions and mindfulness to help you awaken and find calmness, life balance & meaning.


Mandala Mind Courses is a site dedicated to courses offered through Mandala Mind. To learn more about upcoming courses visit the schedule. If you wish to discover more visit Mandala Mind and browse the archive or start here.



A mandala is a sphere with a midpoint, and displays a field of elements, which are interconnected and express different facets of human life and the mind.

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