life balance through the 5 elements and wisdoms

Live Online Seminar over 3 month created and facilitated by Nicole Koch

This 3-month-program presented by Nicole Koch is offered as a combination of live webinars and recordings and gives you access to additional information and resources online through a membership area accessible once you sign up. It has been designed as a way of offering a framework for your personal development and to allow you to integrate the material presented through a combination of articles, exercises, questions and teaching.

The program explores the 5 elements and corresponding wisdoms through a mindful and inquiring approach - bringing together a unique way of discovering and exploring awareness. This exploration includes monthly webinars and a variety of resources available to have access to each element and to let an experiential understanding emerge so that you can find insight and greater expansion in your own process.


Each month is dedicated to two specific elements and wisdoms:

  • Module 1: Mandala of the 5 Elements and Wisdoms
  • Module 2: Water Element & Mirror-like awareness
  • Module 3: Earth Element & Equality awareness
  • Module 4: Fire Element & Discerning awareness
  • Module 5: Air Element & Accomplishing awareness
  • Module 6: Space Element & True nature awareness


  • 6 Webinars: the program includes 6 live Webinars over 3 month.
  • Membership area: there will be access to a membership area where you can access course information and additional resources and some recordings on the elements.
  • Additional articles: you will receive some additional bonus posts updated throughout the course.
  • Monthly reminder e-mails: each month you will receive a specific question and short summary on each element.
  • 6 Audio recordings: the program includes 6 audio recordings on each of the webinars presented.

This program is for you if you are interested in mindfulness and living a holistic and balanced life, it is open to everyone wanting to bring greater clarity and awareness into their life.

As an inspiration, Nicole is full of integrity and authenticity. By her example, she has shown me how to live an awakened and authentic life, moving me ever closer to being more fulfilled, balanced and alive...
— Jose Hernandez
She is a great facilitator who is highly attentive, deeply caring and extremely knowledgeable. Nicole helped to rocket my life from mundane to highly happy and fully fulfilled.
— Nikole Kuiken


Live Webcast

  • MODULE 1:  Mandala of the 5 Elements September 12, 2017
  • MODULE 2:  Water Element September 26, 2017
  • MODULE 3:  Earth Element October 10, 2017
  • MODULE 4:  Fire Element October 24, 2017
  • MODULE 5:  Air Element November 7, 2017
  • MODULE 6:  Space Element November 21, 2017


Nicole Koch is a facilitator, life coach and counsellor and founder of Mandala Mind. She is offering online and in person seminars and sessions, and her work integrates mindfulness, inquiry and various wisdom teachings with her background in Counselling and Coaching. Her writings can be found on the blog Mandala Mind.